Young People

Here’s some general information for young people aged 11 to 16 years of age.  We have tried to answer the most common questions but remember, you can call us or pop in anytime for advice/help.

Anyone aged 11 years and over has the right to see a GP or Practice Nurse on their own for any issue or problem they may have.  For young people aged 11 to 16 years of age, the GP or Practice Nurse will have a discussion with you about how well they consider you are able to understand what is being discussed and about any advice or treatment needed.  This is described as a young person having capacity.

All contact with the Practice is completely confidential. All practice staff from GPs to Receptionists are not allowed to tell anyone that you have been to the Practice.  Your consultation remains completely confidential unless there is a concern about your personal safety or risk of harm to yourself.  In such a situation, information may need to be shared with other professionals but this would be discussed with you first.

You do not have to tell the Receptionist anything to get an appointment.  It can however be helpful if you are able to share some information with the Receptionist so that they can ensure you get an appointment with the most appropriate person.  You can attend the open access clinics on a morning or pre-book an afternoon appointment. 

Yes.  If you would like to have a friend with you then that’s absolutely fine.  This can sometimes be helpful as they are able to listen to any advice given and may be able to help you with remembering the advice following the consultation.  Having a friend there may also make you feel more comfortable in the consultation.

You can attend an open access clinic at either Hawes or Aysgarth each morning without booking.  This is the easiest way of accessing a GP urgently.  Alternatively, you can call in or phone the Practice to pre-book an appointment.  If you feel it is an urgent matter, let the Receptionist know you would like an urgent appointment and you will be seen the same day. 

Yes.  If you would prefer to see a particular GP or Practice Nurse, let the Receptionist know and they will guide you to the next available appointment or inform you when that GP is next in the open access clinic.

Just about anything.  Health related issues are the majority of our work but if you have a problem and don’t know where to turn, we are good at directing young people to other services. 

Can I see a healthcare professional for contraception somewhere other than my own GP Practice?

We can see patients who are not registered with our Practice for contraception.  If you would prefer to come to us than your own Practice, we will be happy to see you and provide contraceptive services to you.  In addition, our patients can attend other Practices or Family Planning Clinics for contraception services.

You can attend an open access clinic any morning (the sooner the better after having unprotected sexual intercourse).  If you cannot make a morning open access clinic, call Reception and book an urgent appointment.  You do not need to tell the Receptionist why you want an appointment, just ask for an emergency appointment.  You will be seen by a GP.

We aim to provide an equal service for all our patients, whether they have disabilities or not.  We have improved access for people with physical disabilities and all of our services are on ground floor level.  We can consult with you over the telephone if this is easier for you.  Just ask the Receptionist for a telephone consultation.  We would like to review you face to face at least once a year if you are on any medication or have medical problems, just to ensure everything is ok.

Anything we haven’t covered?  Give us a call. 

Hawes Surgery 01969 667200 / Aysgarth Surgery 01969 663222

We are here to help!